Our Services

We specialise in building software and connecting systems together for use by people in agriculture. We're great at explaining complex systems in plain language.

We provide technical leadership on projects to ensure that different organisations can work together to deliver an end product that works.


We're experienced at building real apps used by real people every day for tasks both critical and not-so-critical.

  • Apps for both iPad/iPhone and Android devices, phones and tablets
  • Offline-capable apps to work in the paddock with no phone signal
  • GPS-enabled and geo-location-driven apps
  • Apps designed for use in the paddock under real conditions (sunlight, dust)
  • Mobile integration with external hardware such as barcode scanners
  • Social media apps facilitating communication and discussion

Web Applications

We build web-based applications that do really cool things, giving you power over your existing data that you never had before.

  • Intelligent web-based systems for collecting, manipulating and displaying data
  • Mapping - display everything from weather station data to soil test results to NDVI on maps to your users
  • Dashboards to collate, reorganise and present information to help with status and quick decision-making
  • Bring in third-party data from existing systems


Our websites are beautiful but also functional, designed to convey information in the most effective way possible.

  • Responsive websites that work seamlessly on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Content analysis and audits - displaying the information that needs to be there and not the clutter
  • Usability and accessibility testing - ensuring your site meets government standards and is usable by all

Backends, models and databases

The complicated stuff is where we really shine - connecting systems together and working with complex models and multi-faceted data.

  • Take complex scientific models from Excel spreadsheets to scalable, testable and maintainable software tools
  • Scalable and secure databases for data storage and retrieval
  • Sophisticated and powerful data manipulations, calculation and transformation algorithms
  • Data integration processes connect your data with other systems to give you a big picture view
We're passionate about applying technology in practical ways that make things work better for real people.

We are great at converting complex models from Excel spreadsheets to software and apps that can be used in the paddock by farmers, agronomists or researchers.

We're experienced with common agricultural tasks, systems and formats, such as:

  • Paddock boundaries, yield maps, NDVI
  • Soil and plant sampling, testing and analysis
  • Soil probes, weather stations, short- and long-term weather forecasting
  • Crop and pasture modelling and related decision-support tools
  • Farm financial modelling and risk assessment

We are experts at connecting the data from different systems together. We are systems thinkers - we can help you understand your process and connect systems together to remove manual steps and save you time and effort.

If you have an agtech or start-up idea, we can help you go from an idea to a fleshed-out concept to a fully-functional product. We're also well-connected - we can help you get in touch with real farmers and ag professionals to help validate and refine your idea, or with incubators and potential customers.

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